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We set out to meet and exceed customer expectations in all the products we manufacture. We strive to provide reliable, high-precision weighing systems which will set the path for establishing the foundation for a long-lasting partnership with our clients.

Advanced Engineering Systems LLC is the sales representatives for Kukla Waagenfabrik GmH for the Americas.

Kukla Waagenfabrik GmH, located in Austria, is a company devoted to creating and improving continuous weighing systems for all types of industries (e.g., cement, gypsum, tobacco, etc.) With over 75 years of experience, Kukla maintains the industry lead in innovative weighing technologies such as belt scales, weigh feeders, loss-in-weight bins, and weighing screws.

The reliability, accuracy, precision, and minimal maintenance required by these systems makes production increasingly efficient and thus provides for a cost-effective investment. 

Since all of the components in our devices are made “in-house,” we are the sole provider of custom-made solutions to weighing and dosification needs. We offer full flexibility in all dimensions to cater each customer’s specific needs.

AES, located in Miami, Florida, has direct access to markets in the United States, Central and South America, as well as Mexico and Canada. Our Sales Engineers have trained at Kukla headquarters in Austria, and are prepared to find the best solutions for any and all applications.

Weigh Feeders