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The open design weigh feeder is created for the dosification of abrasive material from medium to high range capacities. It serves to continuously dose a variety of elements ranging from fine materials to coarse, bulk materials.

The outer steel frame has been developed to withstand any environment. Its’ sturdy, solid design makes for long-lasting use and reliability. The increased stability it provides also allows for high-precision results.

Depending on the set value and load, the belt speed is adjusted to ensure that the dosing of material corresponds exactly with the desired nominal value.

Standard features:

  • Belt alignment device

  • Belt tensioner

  • Belt steering device

  • Belt mis-run sensor

  • Belt scraper

  • Drum scraper

  • Test weight

  • Overload protection

  • Transport screw

  • AC motor drive

  • Frequency converter

  • DMS Load Cell


Capabilities/ Ranges:

Capacity:           100 kg/hr  -  10,000 t/hr
Accuracy:           +/- 0.25%  -  1.0%
Belt width:          up to 3000 mm

** Capacities and accuracy depend on the situation. Further information is required to  
determine the range of each individual machine.


Open Design
Open Design