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For fine matter, such as stucco gypsum, the dust-tight closed version weigh feeder is employed. Its’ sealed, outer covering ensures that the dust and any fine particles disseminated from the material is well contained. This aspect remains important not only for a clean work environment but for health concerns as well.

Since dealing with fine, dust-like materials, several modifications have been made to guarantee accuracy and reliability:

  • A rotary vane feeder integrated into the system ensures constant material flow into the weigh feeder. It is used as a pre-dosing device.

  • A level measuring probe is installed on the weigh feeder to continually measure the height of the material. It works in conjunction with the rotary vane feeder.

  • Double directional flaps, as opposed to single flaps in other machines, are put into the system to prevent any material from seeping out through the sides.

When dealing with fine materials, the desired set value is attained through the collaboration of the rotary vane feeder, level measuring probe, load cell, and belt speed.

The outer steel frame has been developed to withstand any environment. Its’ sturdy, solid design makes for long-lasting use and reliability. The increased stability also provides for high-precision measuring.

Standard features:

  • Belt alignment device

  • Belt tensioner

  • Belt steering device

  • Belt mis-run sensor

  • Belt scraper

  • Drum scraper

  • Test weight

  • Overload protection

  • Transport screw

  • AC motor drive

  • Frequency converter

  • DMS Load Cell


  • Dust-tight outer covering

  • Rotary vane feeder

  • Level measuring probe

  • Double flaps

  • Specially designed “buffer” zone

  • Ventilation vacuum (optional)

  • Trough bottom cleaner (optional) (recommended)

Capabilities/ Ranges:

Capacity:           100 kg/hr  -  10,000 t/hr
Accuracy:           +/- 0.25%  -  1.0%
Belt width:          up to 3000 mm

** Capacities and accuracy depend on the situation. Further information is required to determine the range of each individual machine.

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Closed Stucco Gypsum Feeder
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