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For high temperature materials that require steady and accurate dosification, Kukla’s E-DBW-P apron feeder is the perfect solution. This system is constructed using metal plates rather than rubber belts in order to withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. By use of a highly-sensitive load cell, engineers have devised a unique way to accurately measure and weigh the abrasive materials despite the rugged, heavy plates used in the system. This special type of feeder is mostly used in the cement and steel industries, for materials that come directly from the kilns.

This system is built to withstand tough environments and with its’ integrated pneumatic steering device, test weight and self adjusting belt speed Kukla’s apron feeder guarantees maximum reliability for its’ entire life cycle.

Standard features:

  • Belt mis-run sensor

  • Test weight

  • Overload protection

  • Transport screw

  • AC motor drive

  • Frequency converter

  • Pneumatically controlled belt alignment device

  • Metal plate belt

  • DMS Load Cell

Capacity:             up to 500 t/h
Belt width:          up to 1400 mm
Accuracy:            up to +/- 0.5%

** Capacities and accuracy depend on the situation. Further information is required to  
determine the range of each individual machine.












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