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The GFD fiber glass dosing system is an entirely new design developed by Kukla engineers for the gypsum industry. Unlike the other fiber glass dosing systems currently available, Kukla’s machine does not require the fiber glass to have a specific moisture or length. This new system integrates a level measuring platform, pre-bin holding area, back combing device, an ultra-sensitive weighing rod, and two spinning brushes located directly before the discharge chute to ensure that an even amount of fiber glass is being dispersed into the subsequent mixture.

As calculated by Kukla technicians, using this feeder can actually save a company approximately 10 % of fiber glass used for production because of the guaranteed accuracy that this feeder provides. Feedback from clients that have already purchased this system support our claims that this new development surpasses all competitors in regards to accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

Standard Features:

  • Belt alignment device

  • Belt tensioner

  • Belt steering device

  • Belt mis-run sensor

  • Test weight

  • Overload protection

  • Transport screw

  • Frequency converters


  • Quadruple AC motor drives

  • Pre-bin level measuring platform

  • Ultra sensitive weighing rod; DMS load cell

  • Dust-tight outer covering

  • Back combing device

  • Two brushes w/ individual AC drives

  • Adjustable discharge panel (optional)


Capacity:           10 kg/hr - 1000 kg/hr
Belt Width:         up to 600 mm
Accuracy:           up to +/- 0.25%

Glass Fiber Dosing Feeder