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Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Kukla loss-in-weight feeders are employed for continuous dosing of aggregates and fine materials at a constant rate through the collaboration of synchronized agitators and screws. These systems unite the accuracy of a static measuring device with the flexibility and efficiency of a continuous dosing system to yield desired results. Each device is mounted onto a solid steel frame in order to increase reliability and ensure the stability required for high-precision measuring. The refilling process takes a minimal amount of time; it is automatically triggered by the controlling system.

Since the closed system detects only the loss in weight in the bin, there is no dependence on tare variations. Therefore, this type of feeder is particularly suitable for all applications where the material flow may be affected by dust development, hygroscopicity or similar criteria. Depending on the type of material and capacity specified, each screw and agitator is specifically designed to fulfil the desired requirements.

All loss-in-weight bins undergo strict shop tests before delivery, thus greatly reducing the start-up time upon installation.

D-DW-A: Loss-in-weight Bin (standard size)


D-DW-A-2: Loss-in-weight Bin (for higher capacities)

Loss in Weight Feeder

D-RFS: Volumetric Dosing Feeder

Volumetric Doser