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All Kukla electronics, hardware and software, are made in-house at the Kukla workshop. The control systems (DWC-5, DWC-6) come equipped with a large display panel and an easy-to-use interface that allows operators to adjust settings and conduct the parameterization with no confusion. Customers have the option of installing the electronics system in an on-site control box, next to the actual weighing device. Or it can be installed away from the system, in a control cabinet located in a control room.


DWC-5The DWC-5 is a highly developed electronics system that controls, processes, and relays information for any type of dosification device. All the data and parameters are displayed on a large full-graphics display providing an easy to use human-machine interface.

Due to the fact that all electronic components, hardware and software, are developed in Kukla, these systems have the ability to control pre-bins, secondary equipment, and inclination angle correction. For quick and effective calibration, the DWC-5 incorporates its own taring method, along with the option of material testing and test with the test weight.

A unique characteristic that the DWC-5 has is the ability to control multiple weighing devices via one service module. Its’ removable interface allows the operator to rapidly switch between systems. This advantage significantly reduces costs for customers that purchase several weighing devices.


  • Removable service module

  • For calibration:

    • Automatic taring

    • Material test

    • Test with test weight

  • Compatible with Profibus or Ethernet

  • Available in 6 different languages

  • Installation in control box or control cabinet

Technical Data:

Supply voltage: 110/230 V


DWC-6The DWC-6 is a highly developed electronics system that processes and relays information for any type of totalizing device such as belt scales and impact flow meters. All the data and parameters are presented on a large, full-graphics display which provides an easy to use human-machine interface.

Clients have the option of installing on a wall assembly or on a front panel.

Control Cabinet

Control CabinetKukla control cabinets are designed to safely house the electronic systems that govern the weighing devices. Clients that prefer having all the human-machine interfaces in one location (i.e. control room), can choose to install the control cabinet.

Control Box

Control BoxSome clients prefer having the control systems on-site. If customers wish to have the electronics system beside the actual weighing device, they can choose to install a control box. This is a cheaper solution than a control cabinet, but just as useful for on-site control and maintenance.