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Advanced Engineering Systems LLC is strategically located in Miami, Florida, where we serve the Americas as sales representatives for Kukla Waagenfabrik GmbH.  Our Sales Engineers have trained at Kukla, headquartered in Austria, where they have assisted in installations and maintenance assignments in Europe as well as in Mexico.

Kukla Waagenfabrik GmbH specializes in developing continuous weighing systems for all types of industries that require material dosage systems. Kukla has over 75 years of experience in the field of weighing technology and is constantly developing new systems to keep up with today’s growing demand. Kukla’s mission is to provide reliable machines while maintaining customer-oriented relationships with its patrons. Any questions or concerns that a customer may have are answered directly by the head of the Engineering Department. There are no operators or automated voice machines. Our goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs and build a strong partnership based on excellent job performance and service.

Another notable difference that Kukla is proud of is the fact that all parts, components, and electronics (hardware and software) are made in-house at the Kukla workshops. Everything, from rollers to circuit boards, is hand-made at Kukla. We do not believe in ordering from several manufacturers and simply “putting the pieces together.” This unique feature also gives us the ability to offer full flexibility in the length and width requirements of the feeders. There are no “standard” measurements; clients can order feeders with any dimension they desire. Spare parts for existing systems can be ordered at any time and sent out immediately. Short delivery times are crucial for us.

Kukla works to create systems that will last for decades. The quality and reliability that our products have is unmatched. Customers can visually see the difference in quality, as our feeders are made of thick, sturdy outer frames. These systems are made to withstand intense conditions and harsh environments. Through a series of warning switches, light sensors, and precautionary devices, Kukla’s weighing systems are guaranteed to maintain strict accuracy and precision; regardless of the type of material being weighed. With little or no maintenance, minimal down time, and superior accuracy, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Due to the fact that our machines are rarely replaced after they are installed, the majority of our business comes from repeat customers along with new ones that have been referred to by existing clients. This is how we maintain our reputation of offering the best quality products. 

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