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Secondary Equipment

Kukla weighing devices would not be able to complete the required tasks without the help of several support systems integrated into each machine. Secondary equipment provide additional help in various ways that ultimately lead to the desired results.

DZS - Rotary Vane Feeder

Rotary Vane FeederDust-like, fluidized materials require constant feeding onto our weighing and dosing systems. Using specially adapted steel sheet lamellas and laterally adjustable sealing discs, Kukla has developed a system that is capable of evenly dosing materials such as raw meal, fly ash, stucco gypsum and other similar elements. The rotary vane feeder works in conjunction with several other support systems found in all dust-tight weigh feeders to ensure that the correct amount of material is continually discharged into the device.

The sluices within the feeder have been carefully designed, machined, and finished to ensure a constant, smooth material flow.

Standard features:

  • Durable outer steel construction

  • AC motor

  • Frequency converter

Capabilities/ Ranges:

Sluice Dia.:          200 mm  -  600 mm

REE - Trough Bottom Cleaner

Trough Bottom CleanerThe trough bottom cleaner is a self-operating device located under the weigh feeder that removes unwanted dirt and dust created during operation. For feeders that handle fine, liquid-type materials and produce excessive amounts of dust, the trough bottom cleaner is an ideal solution. The rotating rubber shafts integrated into the system are connected and moved by a series of thick chains.

Driven by a separate AC motor, the trough bottom cleaner can be programmed to run continuously or at pre-programmed intervals that the operator desires. Although this system is optional, it is highly recommended for situations that involve dust-like materials (e.g., stucco gypsum).

Standard features:

  • Durable outer steel construction

  • Think, rugged rotating chain

  • Separate AC motor

  • Strong rotating rubber shafts

Capabilities/ Ranges:

Belt width:          500 mm  -  1600 mm

FLS - Sliding Gate Valve

Sliding Gate ValveFor various systems that use discharging devices to feed material into the machine, Kukla offers sliding gate vales that can be used to control the flow of these elements. Each valve can be easily installed into any system. They can be controlled either by hand-wheel, by an electric motor, by a hydraulic cylinder or by air pressure depending on the situation and customer preference.

These systems are ideal when calibration of the machine needs to be done. The shut-off valve option makes the process easy and efficient.

Standard features:

  • Durable outer steel construction

  • Thick, sliding steel plate

  • Motor for non-manual valves

Capabilities/ Ranges:

Valve driven by:

  • hand-wheel

  • electric motor

  • hydraulic cylinder

  • air pressure

Level Measuring Probe

Measuring ProbeLocated directly after the rotary vane feeder, this small measuring device is used to detect the height of the material being conveyed within the dust-tight Kukla weigh feeder. It has a sensor that identifies and registers the amount of material found on the belt before it reaches the weighing bridge. Its’ main purpose is to monitor and control the feed rate of the rotary vane feeder.

Pre-bin Weighing Platform

The Kukla pre-bin weighing platform, working in combination with the rotary vane feeder and level measuring probe, adjusts and controls the discharging of material from the pre-bin into the weigh feeder. Calculated from its own DMS load cell, it registers the weight already on the platform and calculates when to open/close the gate valve. The weighing platform is an integral part of the system that is used to ensure sharp accuracy and precision.

Standard features:

  • Strong, durable steel design

  • Ultra-sensitive DMS load cell

  • Frequency converter

  • Overload protection device