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The Flood Loading System was creatively developed by Kukla engineers for fast, efficient and accurate loading of trains carrying coal or other aggregates. Large projects that require a significant amount of dosification are ideal for this particular application. As trains pass underneath the system, a large hydraulic chute opens and disperses the necessary amount of material into each wagon.

A unique advantage this system possesses is that there is no need for the locomotive to stop. It is a continuous filling process in which each wagon is filled to capacity while the train remains in motion. This allows for extremely high loading capacities along with a faster loading time. Through a specially designed identification system, this system can accommodate different types of wagons regardless of shape or size.

Standard Features:

  • Rugged, outer steel construction

  • Large chute for very high set values

  • Identification System for each train

  • Easy to use software


Capacity:               1,000 m3/hr  -  7,500 m3/hr   (max 6,000 t/hr)
Train Speed:         up to 2 km/hr
Accuracy:               +/- 40 kg out of 40 tons