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Weigh Feeders

Kukla weigh feeders are designed to handle any and all types of applications. The strong, durable build we incorporate into every one of our weigh feeders enables them to endure even the harshest conditions. Our reliable machines require little or no maintenance and ensure dependable service for decades.

Kukla weigh feeders are equipped with speed-controlled AC motors and frequency converters that allow for the steady, continuous dosification of material. Each system comes standard with a test weight, belt-alignment device, belt scraper, belt tensioner, and belt mis-run sensor to ensure high accuracy and reliability.

All finished feeders undergo strict shop tests before delivery, thus greatly reducing the start-up time upon installation.

Open Design

E-DBW-H: Dust-tight Design

Closed Design

E-DBW-P: Apron Feeder (Very Hot Material)

Apron Feeder

GFD: Glass Fiber Dosing

Fibre Glass